Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Day

I know. I know. You all wonder what a day in the life of IndieGrace looks like, right? Haha. I'm really just posting this because I have a cute picture of Ichabod and I needed to figure out a way to show him off. So, here is a rather untypical day in my life. Leisurely, at home, relaxed. I didn't go to bed until 3:00 a.m. last night (and if you are observant you will see that it is almost 4 a.m. at the time of this post). That being the case, I gave myself permission to sleep in. After all, I wasn't at my momMA's being tempted by a delicious bacon breakfast which is how most of my Saturday mornings begin. So, deprived of said bacon, I slept until 11:30, at which point I started receiving texts from JP wondering if I was alive. Deciding that lunch at BurgerMaster was worth getting out of bed for, I threw on my clothes, knotted my hair up on my head and made it downstairs in five minutes. Of course it was raining, so sitting at a drive-in eating hamburgers with your window down isn't quite as fun as it is in summer, but hey, this is the Northwest. We're turning into weirdos. After our tummies were full, it was off to Lowe's. We checked out the tools, the flowers, the seeds, fence railing, water fountains and do-it-yourself water features. We settled on seeds and a starter kit so JP could get his veggies growing. He's getting a greenhouse from Mom and Dad for an early birthday present. It was time for JP to work so we headed home. I cleaned the kitchen, watched "Catching Fire," went to Fred Meyer for groceries and canvas, took a nap, had Shin Ramen for dinner and have been working on business cards most of the night. Which is where Ichabod comes in. He is so helpful. He thinks he needs to be in the very immediate vicinity anytime any work is being done because he just knows nothing could get done without him. So, while I worked on the computer, he sat at my feet in a paper bag. Okay, that's all. Now you can get on with the rest of your day, happily knowing that IndieGrace is crazy as a bedbug. Are bedbugs crazy? Ahh...but I digress. Oh, and we have crocuses growing now. Or is it croci?

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