Thursday, March 20, 2014

Waiting for Sissy

I have more than one boy in my life now. This little black guy is quite special. I was opposed to his adoption into the family, I had decided I would never visit again, I had myself medicated and vowed not to like him, on principle. However, like so much of life, things didn't turn out as planned. He wormed his way into my heart and although he loves everyone, he DOES seem to have a small preference for his Sissy. If momMA is talking to me on the phone and says the word Sissy, he perks up his ears and goes to the front door. If I'm staying at the house, I often open the bedroom door to find adoring black eyes looking up at me. He follows me into the bathroom, up on the couch, into the kitchen, up on the get the idea. He's my little shadow and I love him soooo much. Here are some pictures of our Toby waiting for me to arrive. MomMA got him prepped by telling him Sissy was coming. He promptly went to the window and looked for me. When he saw my car pull into the cul-de-sac, his ears went forward and he started quivering and whining. At last, we were reunited and he was in ecstasy as Sissy rubbed his tummy and rough-housed with him on the stairs. Isn't he a keeper?

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