Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Third Birthday

Tomorrow is Baby Girl's 3rd birthday so I decided to take her to Build-A-Bear for her present. I picked her up after her nap, drove to the mall and listened to her talk all the way there. It was raining, which she thought was great. She stomped in all the water on the sidewalks as we made our way to the stores. Once inside, American Doll immediately caught her eye. She looked and looked and only grudgingly allowed herself to be led away...then the candy caught her eye. Tee allowed her to drool over it for a little bit but then tried steering her toward our destination. Alas, we had to pass the play area first and again, it was a bit of work to convince her there was great fun ahead and it wasn't in the play area. Once we got to Build-A-Bear, she didn't know what to look at first. She ran from toy to toy, accessory to clothes, candy, games -- it was too much for her little brain to take in. Tee had her hands full keeping Baby Girl focused. She finally settled on a striped bunny and immediately named her Fluffy. We helped put in her stuffing, stitched in her heart, gave her a bath, picked up her birth certificate, chose a ballerina outfit complete with shoes, headband and wand!

On our way out, we stopped at the play area where she got rid of a little more energy, picked up a pizza pretzel and ate it at Starbucks, and finally we stopped at the candy so she could get a handful of Mike and Ike's. By then, she was fading and it was time to go home. She said, repeatedly, "Tee, I lub you," and I would catch her in the rearview mirror hugging her bunny and kissing it, saying, "I lub you Fluffy." What a fun day with my favorite little girl. Mmmm...Tee lubs her more!

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